Shingle roofing time certified

UAB "Skiedra ir Ko" for almost 27 years thatches shingle roofs for buildings. This, modern looking as well as antique breathing, building material each year gains more and more popularity among people who aims not only aesthetical view but also pays attention to durability.

Shingle is one of the most eco-friendly materials being used in building trade. When using this material roof always is ventilated and keeps "breathing". Most frequently, when selecting type of the roofing, huge attention is paid for durability as well as for how quickly and easy it can be mounted. The final result nice looking building in general view is also important criteria. These are the reasons why people chooses lath, very modish and popular nowadays, as the roofing material.

UAB "Skiedra ir Ko" shaves firry, piny or sometimes even aspen shingles. Roof, thatched by these shingles, is impermeable for heat and cold also resistant for water. This makes it perfect for saunas, summerhouses or even for living houses. Roof of this kind is light and nice looking and in comparison with other building materials cheap.

When professionally thatched lath roof serves for 30 years. Most durable are firry and piny shingles because when using them for thatch roof significantly less swells and ruffles. Roof is thatched with two, three or even four lath layers. Most often it depends from the purpose of building. For example it is enough two layers for summerhouses but it is necessary three or four layers for saunas and living houses.